Nothing Short of a Miracle

My neighbor’s dog nearly passed away a couple of weeks ago. He was under the vet’s care for a week, and two days in the vet was preparing the family to put the dog down. I went to visit him a couple of hours a day and said prayers and sent him Reiki energy. Every time I left he would be a little better, at first not by much but I could just tell. The vet had no clue what I was doing and I just told him I wanted to love on him and give him something to fight for. By the third day, the vet was surprised because there was a visible change. No lab work could confirm it yet but he was getting better. By day four, the dog would walk to me when I came in the room, he’d lay on my lap and sleep so deeply he’d snore.

At this point, I asked the vet what he wanted to see in order to do whatever it took to keep fighting for the little guy’s life. He told me he would like to see him hold down at least one meal for more than an hour and for his lab work to come back with the levels half of what they were last time. I continued to send the dog Reiki and went home and prayed and sent him distance Reiki. The next two days he was able to hold his meals down for the first time. The following day would be the real test, his levels needed to improve otherwise the vet was going to recommend putting him down. I knew with everything within me that he was getting better.

My neighbor and I went to go visit her dog and the vet asked us into the office to go over lab work. The dog was in my lap, so I told her to go and I’d just let him sleep. When she came back, I knew by the look on her face that something was going in the right direction. Not only had I seen him make little improvements over the past few days, but the vets noticed little things as well. His results were on the low end of what the vet wanted to see.

Of course, I can’t prove his recovery had anything to do with the visits, but I can’t help but think they didn’t hurt. The vet commented on how well he was doing every time I left and asked me what I was doing when I would spend so much time with him because there was something different. I told her that I understood they were people of science, facts, and results, but I am a person of faith. Although all of the odds were against him and he was on death’s door when he was taken to the vet, he made a miraculous recovery and was discharged exactly one week after being admitted. He was just a day away from being put down but he was able to show the exact signs the vet asked for to confirm he was on his way to recovery. After days of not showing any concrete signs, I think it’s no coincidence that he did the only two things the vet told me he needed to see to believe he would pull through.

Although he lost a lot of weight, he’s well on his way to making a complete recovery and has already gained back most of the weight he lost. I’m so thankful to have been able to witness that miracle and see how happy my neighbors are to have him back home. Even though I saw him every day prior to getting sick, he never wanted to have anything to do with me (or anyone other than his mom). Since he’s been home, he greets me every morning as they come to get my daughter to take her to school. He even gives me some sloppy kisses on my hand and lets me pet his ears like I did for so many hours during that week. My neighbor says that’s his way of showing his gratitude for my dedication to him in his time of need ❤


I secretly shot this recently to give my neighbor as a Christmas present.


8 thoughts on “Nothing Short of a Miracle

  1. I am convinced that the Reiki energy and love he received had much to do with his recovery. How kind of you to take the time to help the little guy get better. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. I told the vet I read stories on the internet of the power of love especially newborns with declining health that get better by laying on their parents. That was the place I was coming from when I’d visit and I have to say I can’t help but feel like I witnessed that miracle first hand 💖

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  2. Who knows what would have been had you not stroked and coddled and gave him attention. But does it matter, the mystery of healing has been questioned for centuries we may never have answers but does it matter. The dog became well he made a new friend and the photo is beautiful.

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    1. I know his mom is eternally grateful and the vets weren’t sure what to make of it. I’m just glad that he’s healthy and back home where he’ll be able to celebrate his first birthday in a couple of months 💖 Thank you, I’m hoping my neighbor will like it as well 😊

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