Model For A Day

A friend of mine rarely takes photos, her profile picture on her social media accounts are almost 10 years old. She was excited to have a photo session done but nervous as we arrived at the little beach front we chose to shoot at. I reassured her there was no pressure, no one to perform for, and we were just going to have fun! I chose this particular place because of the versatility of the scenery as well as it being a more secluded location.

We started off with her just casually walking around. There was an adorable rustic hotel with a walkway we used as the backdrop for our first scene. She was able to loosen up and get comfortable in front of the camera. I used a telephoto so I could be a great distance away and still get the shots I wanted without making her feel nervous with my lens in her face. She was an absolute natural!

From there, we found some beautiful flowers to give the pictures a splash of color.

As we continued walking I found some tall golden grass that I’m obsessed with! I can’t get enough of plants that provide these beautiful golden tones in photos.

From there we headed to the beach to see what we could come up with. We found these cute little chairs that that served as an impromptu photo op.

I asked her to bring something to keep her hands occupied should she get nervous. Since she’s never done a photo shoot before, I knew hands would be harder to know what to do with. Considering this was a casual lifestyle shoot I wanted her to bring something she felt comfortable incorporating into the story. She brought a rosary her mom gave her which will mean a lot to her mom when she sees the photos especially because she lives so far away.

After stopping at a little beach bar for a drink, we walked to our spot for the sunset portion of the shoot. Unfortunately, there were so many clouds the sunlight was soft and wasn’t able to highlight her the way I hoped so I went with it and did some silhouette shots instead. While the clouds hid the sun, I knew they’d bring a beautiful color to the background.

We had such a great time together! After a few minutes, she forgot she was ever even nervous. She felt like a princess and loved the couple of photos I showed her so she could see how beautiful she was! We joked that she went from not having any photos printed to having to dedicate a whole wall to hang them! I think she’s going to have a tough time figuring out which to print.


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