Ethereal Goddess

I met up with some friends yesterday and was sure to have my camera battery charged and the memory card empty. We were going to a place I’d never been before and that’s always as good an excuse as any to take my camera. Sometimes it can be a bit of a pain because I’m a wallet not a purse kind of lady. So lugging the big girl camera around can be cumbersome. Even though my camera backpack is compact and comfortable, the weight of the camera body and 2 lenses can be uncomfortable. All in all my intuition paid off and the sunset made for some gorgeous photos on the rocky shore. I’m absolutely in love with these photos! She looks utterly divine in the golden light. Her casual outfit and gorgeous boho beach blanket just added this ethereal goddess look that I can’t get enough of! 

I loved this session so much, I changed the cover photo on my Facebook page to the one below<3

Worthiness Ambassador Sisterhood (2)

What do you think of this impromptu session? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments ❤ 


Feel free to share your thoughts <3

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