A Pirate’s Life!

final DSC_8860

We recently went to a birthday party and what better reason to take my camera in tow? It was at an outdoor park and the weather couldn’t have been better! It was very laid back and relaxed but fun at the same time. The parents had quite the spread prepared and the mom was a great hostess! She had pirate themed activities for the kids including dress up, face painting, and a treasure hunt! I couldn’t have been happier to capture it all! The mom and I joked that we weren’t sure who was having more fun, the kids or us! We were both in our element; her painting faces and orchestrating the party and me taking photos of it all. It was a great day full of laughter and sweet treats. 

Dress up, face painting, and listening to clues for the treasure hunt!

It’s not a pirate party without a treasure box!

Mom was having a lot of fun!

Mingling and food

The cutest pirates and assistant hostess I’ve ever seen!

The birthday girl and her colorful Troll cake ❤

What do you think? Would you love photos like this for your kids’ birthday? Feel free to share in the comments!


Feel free to share your thoughts <3

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