Dream Session

I never thought the day would come that my daughter would ask for me to do a photo session! I usually have to do a fair amount of negotiating to get a short session in. In fairness, it can’t be easy to be the daughter of a photographer, I can find any excuse to pull out my camera. Much to my surprise, that day was today! As she was getting ready she asked if I wanted to take some photos. I told her to meet me in my room in 5 and together we created the session. The outfits, hair, and makeup were all her. The ideas were a mixture of both of us. The setup was simple window light and she sat on a small chair in front of my white bedroom wall. The results were magical! 

edited DSC_0024

edited DSC_0023

edited DSC_0003.jpg

edited DSC_0010

What do you think of this session? As a parent would you love images like this of your kids? As a kid what would have been your dream photo session? Feel free to share in the comments!


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