Timeless Beauty

I recently did a session with my grandma. Here’s to timeless beauty that’s beyond the physical. She’s one of the most nurturing, caring, positive people I know. I’m so thankful my children have the chance to make memories with my grandma. It’s things like this that make my life rich beyond measure.

One of my earliest memories of my grandma was of her always putting lipstick on before she went anywhere! There was this entryway mirror and table where she kept various shades of lipstick. She’d fix her hair with her fingers then put some lipstick on and put a little streak on each cheek and blend it in with her fingers. It didn’t matter if we were going grocery shopping, to the park, or for a stroll. To this day, you won’t find my grandma outside without her lipstick.

edited DSC_9974edited DSC_9957edited DSC_9982edited DSC_9966edited DSC_9970


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