Catching Golden Light

While out for a family walk, I had my camera ready to shoot as the moment struck me. As the sun began to set, I couldn’t resist capturing my daughter in the beautiful golden light that started to touch the surroundings just before darkness followed. I had her sit on a boulder so I could capture the sunlight on her face and the dramatic dark sky beyond her threatening a storm in the distance.

edited DSC_3717

edited DSC_3719

edited copy1DSC_3715


5 thoughts on “Catching Golden Light

      1. That’s so much fun! I remember when you first started your photography class. It’s great you stuck with it, and have beautiful photos to show🌷and also, while your girls are still young! So fun to have photo shoots with them🌻

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      2. It has been such a wonderful thing to incorporate into my life. I’ve always loved it and done it to a certain degree but this is my first big girl camera and I’m having so much fun learning. The next thing I need to invest in is a PC or another laptop because my Chromebook doesn’t allow me to download any programs so I don’t have any editing software but I’ve been learning a lot about editing and am hopeful with a program I’ll be able to take my photos to the next level. In the meantime, I’m just happy to capture such beautiful candid moments. ❤

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      3. You’re doing it the right way, steps at a time. Now that you know you love photography, you’re probably more inclined to make the investment so you can enjoy it even more, with editing. I do just a small bit of editing, and love it. There’s so much I don’t know and it’s amazing what you can do with the editing software. But your pics are gorgeous without it! I love how you say ‘big girl camera’….. my daughter Talee, now 22 and just graduated college, has been saying for at least a year that she has to find a ‘big girl job.’ And she found a great one!! 🙂


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