About Niki

I’m a natural light photographer who specializes in women’s candid portraits.


self portrait collage.jpg

The thing I’ve come to realize from both experience and observation is that a lot of women feel self-conscious seeing themselves in photos. I know what it’s like to wish I were thinner, younger, more confident, etc. before getting in front of the camera. I also realized four years went by with hardly a photo to document me in my daughter’s young life. I wanted to wait until I looked felt better about myself but life went on without me.

Eventually I realized that when I’m gone, my kids will treasure the photos they have of me. That’s the only way they’ll be able to remember me just as I was and there’s comfort and nostalgia in that. The beauty of candid photos is you don’t have to act, practice, or have experience as a model, you just have to be you! That means no forced smiles, no tense postures, and no awkward positions are allowed! One thing I know is that you’ll never regret having a photo taken that shows your beautiful personality and captures your signature gestures.

For me, photography is about connection. I love getting to know people’s stories and what makes them who they are. To be able to capture your personality, character, and part of your journey in a photo is both incredibly humbling and amazing. I encourage you to reach out and book your session and experience the magic that happens during a candid session for yourself!

As a candid photographer, I specialize in capturing those natural gestures and organic moments. Use the form on the contact page to get in touch with me to coordinate a session.

  • Milestone| Document a promotion, graduation, certification, or another transition phase in your life
  • Empowerment| Celebrate overcoming an obstacle in your life to look back on when you need to remember how incredibly strong you are
  • Nostalgic| Freeze this moment in time so you can look back on who you were as you continue on your journey of life